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Alicia Silverstone: My Mother-In-Law Named My Son Bear

Alicia Silverstone: My Mother-In-Law Named My Son Bear
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Alicia Silverstone’s baby name selection -- Bear Blu Jarecki -- certainly got people talking last spring. But one person who is completely head-over-heels for the name? The actress’ mother-in-law. In fact, she was the one who suggested it!

In a new interview, the Vamps star reveals that when she and her musician husband Christopher Jarecki welcomed their baby boy on May 5, the first-time parents had everything ready but a name. They weren't completely unprepared -- they had a short list of five boy names that they liked. However, they simply couldn't narrow it down to one.

“[Bear] went a few days without having a name,” the first-time mom told Us magazine in her first post-delivery interview. “We couldn’t really decide.”

Then, inspiration struck. It didn't come from a baby name site or baby name book. Instead, it came from... an in-law! Chris' mother came up with both names, neither of which has ever appeared on the Top-1000 popular name list.

“She suggested Bear or Blu," revealed Alicia, who noted, "I loved them both."

As we detailed when the baby news broke, with Alicia’s history of being an animal rights activist and devoted vegan it made sense that she picked a natural and earthy name like Bear. And now that Bear is a couple months old, the happy new mom -- best known for her role in Clueless -- says she finds the name fitting for a baby who she describes as “part squirrel, part monkey and part peanut.”

Besides, animal names are in: Bryan Adams has a Bunny, Nicole Richie has a Sparrow and Fox is an up and coming name that we predicted will break into the top 1000 in the next decade. And other stars have used Bear for their offspring -- there's Jamie Oliver's Buddy Bear and Anthony Kiedis' Everly Bear

As for any criticism people may have about the name Bear Blu, new mom Alicia says her friends and family find the name selection “supercute.” And she and Chris hope to have to pick out a name for Bear’s younger sibling soon as they’ve been planning for baby No. 2 since “pretty much right when Bear was born.”

Who did you turn to when you were thinking of baby names: a friend or relative? Or did you just keep it between you and your partner? Would you be receptive to an in-law’s name suggestion like Alicia was? Weigh in now.


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July 8, 2011 9:08 PM
By Melanie (not verified)

Unrelated to this post, is there any way to fix the ad so that it does not murder my cell phone browser? I have to click through on my feeder to read your articles in their entirety, which is fine, but for some reason it is next to impossible to close the ad without triggering the video. The only way I can get rid of the video (which is ridiculously loud) is to yank the battery out of my device.

Help, please?

July 9, 2011 8:57 AM
By jaime (not verified)

My mother picked out my son's name (Everett) after the grandfather who raised her...I love it! It's about the only thing we've ever agreed on lol...I'd say take the inspiration where you find it, mother or mother in law :) And as much as everybody seems to think Bear is a crazy baby name, I actually really like it. He can always go by Barry if it gets to be too much for him.

July 12, 2011 2:14 PM
By Maranda (not verified)

Bear is not to my particular style, but I still think it's an interesting, earthy name. It doesn't have a lot of preconceived notions to go along with it, and will be a good name to grow in to.

I applaud her decision to wait until they found the right name for him. So many people people feel pressured to have a name right away, but there's nothing wrong with waiting to find the right name. Beats having Namer's Remorse later.

July 19, 2011 6:23 AM
By Zoe (not verified)

The name may be "supercute" now, but what happens in thirty years? We call my two year old nephew Bear almost exclusively (sometimes paired with his first name) but he does have an adult name as well.

May 9, 2015 6:09 AM
By Anonymous (not verified)

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