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Tori Spelling's Baby Name: Hip Old Lady Name or Old Hat?

Tori Spelling's Baby Name: Hip Old Lady Name or Old Hat?
Revolutionpix/Fame Pictures

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have welcomed their third child together, daughter Hattie Margaret McDermott, Tori announced on Twitter. Tori and Dean are already parents to Liam and Stella.

From one extreme to another! Stella and Liam are popular names. Stella, in particular, is a celebrity dude favorite name: check out celebrities who have chosen Stella

And Hattie? This diminutive form of Henrietta or Harriet was a favorite in the 1880s, and had a long slow dropping off to obscurity -- much like Stella. But in the, 1880s, Hattie was more popular than Stella. Hattie once ranked as high as #33, about as popular as Gabriella is today.

Stella came back in a big way. Will Hattie? We've been hearing it here and there in name enthusiast circles, but we know no other celebrity babies with the name. On the other hand, we've been noticing a trend toward H names in recent celebrity choices, such as Haven and Harper.

Despite a well-established trend toward reviving old lady names (Agnes, for example), Hattie remains obscure, like Gussie.  However, the cute name appears in more than one kid's book, and was the name worn by the American baby in the documentary Babies. Also, Hattie already sounds like Addie--the nickname du jour for Adeline--and isn't so far off from Madison's cute nickname, Maddie. In fact, Hattie is Hailee meets Mattie -- like Hailee Steinfeld playing Mattie in True Grit.

We think it's adorable with Liam and Stella. The repeated double-letters in Hattie echo the double-letters in Stella, and the names both enjoyed an earlier 1880s popularity. At the same time, Hattie is more unexpected than Liam or Stella, and we like that too.

What do you think of Hattie? Is it too old fashioned and "home on the range"? Is it just a nickname? Tell us below.



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