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Evangeline Lilly's Baby Name Revealed?

Evangeline Lilly's Baby Name Revealed?

Is Evangeline Lilly's baby name out of the bag?

As we wrote last week, the notoriously private Lost star allowed to Jimmy Kimmel that her baby's name means "the thunder" in Hawaiian, but she wasn't sharing any more than that. However, thanks to a tip in the Name Candy comments, we've been pointed to more recent news reports, giving the name as Kahekili.

That was our #1 guess, natch! Read our original post to find out why (and to find out why Jimmy Kimmel's researchers got it wrong). However, we must hasten to point out that the usual sources have not confirmed the name, so while it has been reported by USA Today, MSNBC and others, the name has not been confirmed in the usual way (meaning that Lilly's reps have, as far as we know, not confirmed the name).

Why is the former big secret suddenly just an offhand part of the news? Turns out as Lilly has continued her promotional tour for Real Steel, the focus has shifted from what she named her son with partner Norman Kali, to how she brought that son into the world: 30 hours of natural labor at home. The thunder, indeed!

While rare, the name is not unheard of. In 2010, 6 boys in the US were named Kahekili, while 15 were named Thunder. The name Storm was given to 53 boys and 30 girls -- and to Baby Storm, the baby whose parents are not announcing the gender.

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What do you think of Kahekili? What "storm" related names would you consider using?



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October 18, 2011 1:45 PM
By Kira (not verified)

I like Kahekili ... it's strong, I like the fact that it is an existing word, and Hawaiian is a beautiful-sounding language. Not sure how to pronounce it yet ... but I'm also thrilled to see a any boys' name these days that doesn't end with "-en." Great choice, in my book!

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