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Inspired by Maple Bateman? Take Your Nature Names to the Next Level With Our Guide

Inspired by Maple Bateman? Take Your Nature Names to the Next Level With Our Guide
Credit Kerry Wixted

The past few years have seen a boon of names inspired by the plants and animals in the great outdoors, most recently with Jason Bateman’s daughter Maple Sylvie. While Willow and Sage are skyrocketing, we’ve also seen some more creative nature names, such as Evangeline Lilly’s Kahekili and Eric Church’s Boone. While we’re not suggesting anyone name a baby Pileated Woodpecker, we think there’s a lot of places to go with nature names. Let’s break it down, shall we? 

Here are the categories in the NameCandy Field Guide to Nature Names:

Common plants/animals you never thought about as a name. Everyone can imagine what a sparrow looks like and has picked their share of clover looking for the lucky four-leaf, but until Nicole Richie’s Sparrow and Neal McDonough’s Clover, no one thought of them as baby names. In this vein, we see potential with Sycamore, which has a melodious, feminine sound. Glory (as in Morning) is also a possibility, with crossover potential as a faith-based name. Pine and Wren are simple and romantic.

Fun Latin Words. Sure, Willow has had its day in the sun, but why not the Latin name for willow, Salix? We could practically see this as the new X-name for the Jolie-Pitt crew! Acacia is another genus of plants that we could see as a feminine, flowery name. Verbena is also a fun plant genus-turned-name, on trend with the V-names we’ve seen recently.

Less-than-Common Common Names. Juniper could be a nature name with a quirky sound and trend potential. Aster is a genus of flower, or a name with a modern, androgynous sound. Poplar could be a fun variation of on-the-rise Poppy. Yarrow, a flowering plant, is undoubtedly in the Sparrow family for cool nature names.

But the nature name lover’s secret weapon? Look no further than the dragonflies. These are all real common names of dragonflies and damselflies: Violet Dancer, Widow Skimmer, Harlequin Darner, Laura's Clubtail, Mocha Emerald, Unicorn Clubtail...okay, admittedly, these all sound like (bad) rock bands, not baby names, but we can’t help but think name nerds had some hand in the common names of dragonflies and damselflies.

What do you think of the nature name trend? Do you have a favorite name inspired by the great outdoors? Tell us about it in the comments.



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