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Raising Ivy's Louise Ducote Talks to Name Candy: Pick a Dog Name That Sounds Good When You Holler

Raising Ivy's Louise Ducote Talks to Name Candy: Pick a Dog Name That Sounds Good When You Holler

Yeah, yeah, we know our sites are really going to the dogs.  First it was the royal puppy's name.  Then our Guess the Dog Breed by Its Name quiz and our analysis of dog name trends.  Now we are completely obsessed with the beautifully written doggy blog, Raising Ivy, which is a kind of meditation on life as seen through the eyes of a Texas mom raising Australian Shepherds.

We caught up with Raising Ivy blogger Louise Ducote to talk names. 

NC: Your blog is primarily about your dogs Ivy and Revel.  Can you tell us about how you chose their names?

Louise Ducote: Ivy is a long-beloved name for me. I've never met a person by that name, but of the botanical names I think it's a nice second to Rose.  She's named after Ivy Rowe, the narrator of Lee Smith's novel Fair and Tender Ladies. I read in an interview with Smith that several of her fans have named their children Ivy after the character.  Then my other dog, Revel, is named after Revel Rowe from the book.  Ivy is very much like the character (wild), Revel is not but I still love the name.  Much dissension among the ranks in my family about the naming, but I put my foot down just like a crazy pregnant lady and said I was in charge of the name because I knew damn well I would be in charge of the poop and vomit.    

NC: What did your family want to name the dogs?

Louise Ducote:  My husband didn't voice a preference on dog names, but my son True campaigned first for "Bob" and then for "Buddy" and my son Brady campaigned for "Rocky."  Just as my mother's home state of Mississippi is crammed with yellow labs named "Dixie," Texas is full of good ol' dogs named Buddy.  I rejected the poor kid based on the maternal fantasy that MY dog would be unique and have nothing at all in common with those peasants named Buddy.  Turns out Buddy would have been an excellent name for Revel, given his mellow and goofy personality, but I'll never admit that to True.  I wrote a couple of posts about the kids bugging me for different puppy names, one of which is http://raisingivy.blogspot.com/2011/03/name-game-part-two.html

NC:  What makes a great dog name?

Louise Ducote: My (strong) feeling on dog names is that the name should be at least two syllables for hollering purposes (thus no Bob). The Monks of New Skete (dog-training experts) say that a dog's name should be heavy on vowels, like Ayla or Inka, again for the purpose of the dog recognizing it better when you call. 


Of course, we couldn't let Louise go without finding out the background on her kids' names, Brady and True.  Brady, born years before Tom Brady made the name familiar, was named after Louise's favorite player from the Baltimore Orioles, Brady Anderson.  Her son True is named after her father.

"If you ever want to talk to my mother about bizarre names that aren't perceived as bizarre unless you live outside the Mississippi borders, I'll hook you up.  Her name is Lady and she says she never knew her name was strange until she left Mississippi. My dad's name is True Redd.  His sister, bless her heart, was named Cherry Redd.  Yep."

How did you name your dog? Have you noticed any peculiarities in dog -- or people -- naming patterns where you live? (And if you have a favorite blogger with an interesting name story you'd like to see profiled here, please drop us a line.)




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March 6, 2012 7:55 AM
By Dog Lover (not verified)

I wish I had thought of that when I named my dog!

March 7, 2012 7:31 AM
By Anonymous (not verified)

Ha! My dog's name is "Shlomo." There was never a discussion about it, since my husband and I picked the name before we ever got a dog. But it fits her well, because she is just as awkward and silly as the name is. Yes, Shlomo is a girl.

May 4, 2012 3:26 AM
By Clare Edmondson (not verified)

I was in charge of the name because I knew damn well I would be in charge of the poop and vomit.

February 7, 2015 3:53 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

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