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Nick Lachey: I'm Going To Be A Dad AND These Are the Baby Names We're Considering

Nick Lachey: I'm Going To Be A Dad AND These Are the Baby Names We're Considering
Nick on Live! with Kelly

Nick Lachey shared some happy news this morning when he was the guest cohost on Live! with Kelly. The former boy-bander and reality TV star revealed that his new bride, Vanessa Lachey, is three months pregnant with their first child. And while some celebs are tight-lipped about baby names from the get-go, mom of three Kelly Ripa had no problem getting Nick to open up on the topic.

"If it's a girl, I think it might be Sophia," Nick revealed." If it's a boy, I'm not sure. Colin John Lachey [has always been a favorite]. Call him C.J. for short. C.J. Lachey.”

Sophia is an extremely popular name — it's No. 2 on the Social Security Administration's Popular Baby Names list — while Colin is just outside the Top-100 at No. 111. But don't count on a C.J. Lachey — Nick said that Vanessa isn't a fan and vetoed it.

"It's tough — you have to respect your partner's opinion," Nick said of them not seeing eye-to-eye on names. "You have to respect your partner's opinions. You have your own opinions. That's what marriage is all about apparently, so I have to get used to it."

Mom-to-be Vanessa recently had her own name news — she legally changed her name from Vanessa Minnillo to Vanessa Lachey after marrying Nick last year. Just a few weeks ago when she completed the process she tweeted: "Just left the DMV, it's official... 'VANESSA JOY LACHEY' is hittin the streets!"

She also spoke about her decision to make the change, saying Nick didn't put any pressure on her. “We talked about it and he was so sweet," she told Access Live. "He said, ‘Whatever you want, I understand.’ And I said, ‘But would it mean a lot to you if I took it? Because I’m old fashioned and I want to.’ And he said, ‘What guy wouldn’t want their girl to take their name fully?’ [But] He didn’t push me, no, no, no.”

Meanwhile, Nick's first wife Jessica Simpson, to whom he was married from 2002 and 2006 and costarred with on a reality TV show — is expected to give birth to her first child, with fiance Eric Johnson, later this month. In October, we predicted what her baby name will be. So see what we came up with and weigh in with your own suggestions before Baby Johnson makes his or her debut.

What do you think of the names Sophia and Colin? Did you disagree with your spouse on a lot of names? How did you work through it? What were some of the names that your partner vetoed? Talk back below.



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March 6, 2012 12:53 PM
By zoerhenne (not verified)

Sophia is a little popular but a nice name. Love Colin though. It's one of my favs and you don't hear it very often.

March 6, 2012 3:25 PM
By Jane (not verified)

I'm sorry, but Colin and John seem hopelessly dated and uncool to me. I guess because they're my father's era, so not yet got that "antique chic" vibe. I can understand Vanessa vetoing them! Sophia is so lovely but so popular, unfortunately. It was my first pick years ago, but now I don't know if I could do it.

March 6, 2012 11:29 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

Sophia is pretty but very popular. Colin John is nice, though a bit boring. Colin seems like a name that could become more popular. Neither name sounds dated to me (CJ does though).

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