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New Baby Alert! Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof Welcome Baby Keeva Jane

New Baby Alert! Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof Welcome Baby Keeva Jane

The “biggest baby bump in Hollywood” title is officially no longer held by How I Met Your Mother star Alyson Hannigan, who, along with hubby Alexis Denisof, welcomed baby Keeva Jane on May 23rd. The origin of the pair’s choice of Keeva is not known, but Keeva is possibly an Anglicized version of the Gaelic name Caoimhe. (Yes, those two names are indeed pronounced similarly in Gaelic.) Keeva Jane joins three-year-old sister Satyana in a very unusual sib set. Back in January, NameCandy readers made some predictions about what the pair would name baby #2. Let’s see how our predictions stacked up, shall we?

Hannigan and Denisof explained their choice of Satyana as rooted in the Sanskrit word for “truth,” Satya, plus an “-ana” flourish to suggest a match with Denisof’s Russian surname. We here at NameCandy thought it possible they would choose a Russian-influenced name for baby #2, such as Sonya or Katya. Keeva, with its presumed Gaelic roots, therefore came as a bit of a surprise. And if the delightfully vowel-filled name Caoimhe seems unpronounceable, it’s only because you’re not in Ireland, where it is the 24th most common girls name.

Keeva and Satyana, despite differing in country of origin, do have a few things in common. Both are very rare names, having never charted in the top 1000 in the U.S., both have a feminine -a ending, and both share a certain ethnic je ne sais quoi. Though if we’d had to guess where the name Keeva originated, we might have grouped it with Hawaiian-influenced K-names like Kaia or Keona. Additionally, both Keeva Jane and Satyana Marie pair highly unusual first names with classic middle names -- a practice embraced by many parents who want their unusually named children to have something to “fall back on.”

What do you think of the Keeva Jane name surprise? How do you think the name fits with Satyana Marie as a sib set? Have you paired a creative first name with a more traditional middle name?



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June 13, 2012 4:04 AM
By Jane (not verified)

Keeva?! Possibly the worst girls name I have heard of, sorry.

June 13, 2012 9:16 AM
By mk (not verified)

I like it. I actually like it better with the traditional spelling of Caoimhe, though I understand wanting to go with something easier.

June 15, 2012 1:46 AM
By Michaela Kearns (not verified)

Both are very rare names, having never charted in the top 1000 in the U.S.

June 15, 2012 4:44 AM
By Griselda Humphreys (not verified)

who want their unusually named children to have something to “fall back on.”

June 15, 2012 3:54 PM
By M (not verified)

I like the Irish spelling better

June 16, 2012 4:16 AM
By Maurine Ellsworth (not verified)

where it is the 24th most common girls name.

June 18, 2012 1:43 AM
By Anonymous (not verified)

Hannigan is Irish. Maybe they wanted to have names from both sides of the family. My first name is Irish, middle French, and last German. I do believe this is the female version of Kevin, little gentle one.

June 19, 2012 11:54 AM
By Aschocia School (not verified)

My first thought was Kiva Microfunds:
A kiva is also a ritual space in Pueblo culture:

June 19, 2012 12:05 PM
By Kira (not verified)

I absolutely love Keeva and Satyana. They are feminine, unusual, easy to pronounce, and so beautiful.

To the first poster - please - names like Madisyn, Ainsley, or Addison are certainly at the head of the line for worst girls' names - but Keeva is wonderful.

June 19, 2012 12:58 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

LOVE Keeva...Satyana not so much.

June 19, 2012 10:50 PM
By Tarmie (not verified)

Caoimhe is pronounced "keeva" (or similar)? Wow. I love the way it looks, but I would have bet it was pronounced something along the lines of "kay-me". XD One day I *will* wrap my head around Gaelic pronounciations!

June 23, 2012 11:41 AM
By Andrea (not verified)

I like it! I think it goes well with Satyana too.

July 7, 2012 5:11 PM
By Megan (not verified)

Individually, I like the names. Together, not so much. But I'm a stickler for names in a sibling set to "match". Not really sound the same, but have a similar style. I don't feel like these do.

That being said, I adore Allyson and Alexis and as long as they're more than thrilled about the name choice: more power to them!

August 8, 2012 3:04 AM
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January 15, 2013 7:23 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

Caoimhe's a lovely name...... Jane.

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