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Jason Lee's Newborn Son: Pilot and Casper's Brother Is Named ...

Jason Lee's Newborn Son: Pilot and Casper's Brother Is Named ...
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Jason Lee and his wife Ceren Alkac welcomed another boy to their family on June 16. Are you dying to know the name of this child? It's ....


Sonny seems remarkably tame -- almost boring -- for the man who gave us one of the most talked-about celebrity baby names since Apple when he named his first son Pilot Inspektor. There was so much talk about Pilot, in fact, that Lee and Alkac did not release the name of their daughter, Casper, until three years after she was born.

According to NameVoyager, Sonny has been in the top-1000 since the 1930s, but has hovered in the bottom half the whole time. It peaked in the 500s in the 1930s, then again in 1970s (most likely due to Godfather fans hoping to raise a little Corleone of their own). More recently Sonny has hung out in the mid to high 800s in the rankings.

We discussed potential sibling names for Pilot and Casper back in February and Sonny was not one of our predictions. However, we were right that it would be closer in style to Casper than to Pilot. We noted that Casper falls into the trend of more masculine names for girls. Meanwhile, Sonny is a less masculine name for a boy. It's diminutive like Timmy or Johnny and a homophone for the feminine Sunny. It's also a good-guy nickname as we discussed after the birth of Noel Gallagher's son Sonny.

What do you think? Are you surprised by Sonny?



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July 3, 2012 12:40 PM
By PJ (not verified)

Sonny just sounds like a nickname to me, and a little bit condescending, like "come here sonny boy."

July 3, 2012 1:05 PM
By Allison Margaret (not verified)

Sonny is one of those names I just don't understand. It's 100% nickname to me - not like Eddie or Jake, more like the kind of thing an old man pats a boy on the head and calls him (along the lines of Buddy, Buster, or Sport). I like Pilot and Casper better. Pilot is a quirky trade name (although Pilot Inspektor is too over the top) and Casper is kind of endearing on a girl. Sonny lacks that creativity IMO.

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