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Nux, Fragile, Toast And Other Wacky Names In The New Mad Max Movie

Nux, Fragile, Toast And Other Wacky Names In The New Mad Max Movie

The maddest thing about the upcoming Mad Max reboot, starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, so far seems to be the eccentric names the creators have come up with. The new movie just began filming last month, but with the release of the synopsis a couple of weeks ago, we also got a peak at some wacky and interesting character names.

Of course, the title character, immortalized by Mel Gibson in the 1979 original, bears the very common moniker Max, which enjoyed a nice upswing after the movie's release and now sits in the top 100. However, the rest of the names are inspired by everything from expressions of delight (Splendid) to breakfast food (Toast)! 

Just as most dystopian films and novels feature some pretty creative names, the original Mad Max certainly had its fair share. Other than two of the main antagonists - Toecutter and Bubba Zanetti - the trilogy also had characters named Mudguts, Sprog, Wez, Toadie and Aunty Entity (played by Tina Turner!). 

This time around, with Mad Max: Fury Road, designed to be a prequel to the original Mad Max, the highlights include Nux, Immortan Joe, The Dag, Fragile and a trio known as The Wives, which includes the aforementioned Toast and Splendid, as well as a character named Capable. Despite the abundance of fascinating names, our two favorites would have to be Rictus Erectus and Coma-Doof Warrior. This is one film we won't want to miss, if only for the Splendid names. 

What are your favorite Mad Max names? What other dystopian or future books and films have wacky names? Might Toast or Splendid ever catch on in the real world? 



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This is one film we won't want to miss, if only for the Splendid names.

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