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Carson Daly and Siri Pinter Choose Old Fashioned Name For First Daughter Etta Jones

Carson Daly and Siri Pinter Choose Old Fashioned Name For First Daughter Etta Jones

Carson Daly, former host of MTV's TRL and the current host of Last Call with Carson Daly and The Voice, welcomed a daughter last week with wife Siri Pinter. They named her Etta Jones Daly

Etta joins big brother Jackson James and it looks like the two have names with very different trajectories. While Jackson has only been going up, up, up as of late, now ranked at No. 23 in the country as a boys name, Etta took the opposite route. Hugely popular in the 1880s, Etta fell out of favor completely by the 1970s with no recent sign of revival.  

'Old lady names' have been a celebrity trend for the past couple of years, with Ella topping the charts as the celebrity favorite. John Travolta, Mark Wahlberg and Ben Stiller all chose the name for their daughters. 

Etta may not be as familiar or as popular as Ella quite yet, but perhaps it will make a comeback. We also might speculate that with the first name Etta for their second child and the middle name James for their first, perhaps Carson and Siri are big fans of the great Etta James? 

What do you think of the name Etta Jones? What other 'old lady names' or old fashioned names do you like? 



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