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Good Charlotte Guitarist Welcomes Baby Zander

Good Charlotte Guitarist Welcomes Baby Zander

Billy Martin, the guitarist for alternative group Good Charlotte, and his wife Linzi announced the birth of their second son via Twitter on Friday. Baby Zander Jace joins big brother Dreavyn Kingslee.

The new baby is another holder of what Laura Wattenberg called "stealth hit names," a corollary to soundalike Xander Dane Jones (son of Madmen star January Jones). A trendy abbreviation of Alexander, Zander was ranked #294 last year and Xander was slightly more common at #205, and combined they would be more popular than Elias or Preston, so although neither variation is up there on the charts, together they rank highly.

Last year, when January Jones' son was born, we suggested that Buffy the Vampire Slayer character Xander deserves the credit for this name's rise, and indeed it might be, since other X and Z names for boys have fallen slightly over the past several years (like Xavier, as in Professor Xavier, which slipped from 71 to 77 and even Zachary has fallen a couple of spots as well). Middle name Jace is rising fast as a nickname name and alternative to Jason.

Although Zander Jace has a rock’n’roll sound (e.g. the fictional Stacee Jaxx of Rock of Ages) compared to his older sibling, little Zander's name seems almost staid. Brother Dreavynn Kingslee's name is a case of creative spelling that makes an unusual set of names even more unique. Dreavyn and Kingslee are not on the list but Draven ranks at #729 and Kingsley is at #987.

Billy previously applied his naming expertise to a children's book he wrote and illustrated in 2008 called "Damious McDreary: A Boy and His Bat" and has given his kids names that suggest sci-fi or fantasy characters. Dreavyn brings to mind Eric Draven, the title character in goth/fantasy comic book and movie The Crow, while Zander of course hearkens back to TV’s Buffy.

What do you think of the name Zander? What other goth or sci-fi  influenced names have you seen lately?








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September 19, 2012 12:57 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

"Brother Dreavynn Kingslee's name..." ...I think you meant Dreavyn with one "n."

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