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Another Eli Young Band Baby: Jon Jones Welcomes Hudson Lennon

Another Eli Young Band Baby:  Jon Jones Welcomes Hudson Lennon

Eli Young Band bass player Jon Jones and wife Sarah brought home a son on New Year’s eve, reports PEOPLE. The little one is named Hudson Lennon Jones and is the couple’s first child. Baby Hudson hits all the marks with his on-trend name: Hudson, like Jackson, has gone from being quite rare to popular in the past few years.

When celeb chef Curtis Stone and actress Lindsay Price picked the name for their son in 2011, we found that Hudson was more popular than we’d thought; Hudson Price Stone is only one of several celeb kids with that name.

In the past 16 years, from its reappearance in the top 1000 in 1995 until last year, the name has gone from 998 to 112. How did this out of nowhere name make its ascent? From New York’s Hudson River to Hudson Hawk and Law & Order’s NYU stand-in, “Hudson University,” Hudson is a name with a lot of cultural currency. With its locational association (think Brooklyn and Bronx) and celeb last name (Rock Hudson or even Kate and Jennifer) as first name connotations, Hudson is very on trend. Both names also end with –n, something the Baby Name Wizard Blog picked up on a few years back.  Middle name Lennon is more likely given in tribute—a musically-inspired surname based name that we have come to see more and more of, like Jagger.

Looking at the rise of other boys names ending in -son, we sense that Hudson is part of a trend probably unrelated to vintage cars or early American explorers.  In the same period as Hudson’s rise, Anderson rose from #852 to #294, Dawson from #895 to #316, Grayson (428-97), Jackson (161-23), and Mason continued its ascent from #102 to its current standing as the second most popular name for boys. While a few surname-style names fell (Wilson went from #504 to #607 in that time) the –son ending seems to be holding steady for now.

Dad Jon’s bandmate Mike Eli is the father of a baby with a more unusual surname as first name--one we guessed was a family name—his wife recently gave birth to baby Kline Olivia.

What do you think of the name Hudson Lennon? Are there other –son names you’ve noticed on the rise?



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January 9, 2013 2:42 AM
By Tarmz (not verified)

My first thought was that I love it. I have toyed with the idea of naming a future child Hudson, because I love Bruce Willis, and "Hudson Hawk" is one of my favourite movies.

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