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New Baby Alert: Johnathon Schaech Welcomes a Son

New Baby Alert: Johnathon Schaech Welcomes a Son

Actor Johnathon Schaech (most recently seen on Showtime’s Ray Donovan) and new wife Julie Solomon had a son on Thursday, reported US Magazine. The new baby is named Camden Quinn Schaech.

Baby Camden shares a name with two other celeb kids: Camden John Lachey and Camden Jack Cutler. Johnathon and Julia’s road to picking the name was more straightforward than the elder two Camdens. Back then we suggested that family drama "7th Heaven" may have played a role in the choice for Kristin Cavellari and Jay Cutler. According to PEOPLE Camden Lachey’s name was partially inspired by the road to his mother’s doctor’s office. In this case we didn’t have to guess; die-hard baseball fan dad Johnathon says he picked the name based on his love of his hometown team, the Baltimore Orioles who play in Camden Yards.

Last time we checked in on the name Camden (about a year ago, when Camden Lachey was born), it was on the rise and ranked at #160. It looks like the celeb connection didn’t have much of an effect on the name though, since it has risen just four spots since then. On further inspection, Camden’s slight rise is actually impressive compared to the fate of other "-den" names from 2011 to 2012; Caden and Jaden fell 16 and 40 spots, respectively.

Middle name Quinn is also fairly trendy, but has shifted strongly to the girl’s side. After fifty years as a mostly male name, Quinn has been on the rise for two decades among baby girls and in 2012 there were twice as many girls as boys given the first name Quinn.

What do you think of the name Camden Quinn Schaech? Do you know of any other sports stadium inspired names?



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September 17, 2013 8:28 AM
By Denim (not verified)

Quinn sounds better on boys imo.

As for Caden and Jaden, those are not the most popular spellings, so its really false information.
Kayden for example rose last year.

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