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New Baby Alert: Heather Morris Has a Son

New Baby Alert:  Heather Morris Has a Son

Actress Heather Morris, best known as cheerleader Brittany on "Glee," had a son with her high school sweetheart, Taylor Hubbell on Saturday.  Though we are still waiting on a full name, it appears the triple-threat mom (whose resume includes being a former backup dancer for Beyoncé) named her new baby Elijah, reports US Magazine.

Elijah is a biblical name, and is among several popular and rising Old Testament names. Despite being a top 20 name for the last three years, Elijah is not particularly well-represented in our celeb names database.  We noted back in 2010 that though Elijah is much more popular nationally, celebrities seem to prefer the variation Eli. There are only 3 other Elijahs we could find (compare that to Jack, the #39 name overall, which makes over two dozen appearances in our database).

Among names that are currently ranked higher than Elijah (the top 12 baby boy names of 2012) we noticed a few more that were surprisingly underused among celebrity parents:

Jacob—even though it’s been the most popular boy’s name for over a dozen years, it only appears  in our database seven times

Ethan—we couldn’t even find any famous baby Ethans born this decade

Noah—though there aren’t many famous babies named Noah, two were born last year—Josh Lucas had one as did acting couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green

Liam —we were surprised to see that #4 ranked Liam only appears twice in our database, compare that to #3 William which was given to 24 celeb kids.

Jayden—Brittney Spears appeared with Heather in a dream sequence on Glee, and she’s the only Hollywood mom with a son bearing this most popular variation of Jayden (although there are four spelled Jaden)

Matthew—though it’s in our database eight times only half of those were as a first name, most recently Matthew was bestowed on Tommy Mottolla’s youngest son

Even though most celebrity parents aren’t picking random noun-type “Hollywood names” it does seem that stars are selective when choosing names from top of the list.

What do you think of the name Elijah?  What’s behind Eli’s edge over Elijah among celebs? And tell us what celebrity baby Jacobs, Ethans, Noahs, Liams, Jaydens, and Matthews we missed!



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October 15, 2013 6:55 AM
By Alaska Fishing Trips (not verified)

It was a very great name. Nice choice.

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