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Country Star Names Baby Jaxon Creed

Country Star Names Baby Jaxon Creed
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Another country music baby announced this week!  Singer and songwriter Keith Anderson  revealed that he and wife Lauren Woodruff welcomed a baby boy back on November 13.  The new baby's name is Jaxon Creed Anderson.  Baby Jaxon joins older sister Crozle (pronounced Croz-lee). 

Jaxon is an uber-popular variation on the more traditional name Jackson.  It has risen from nowhere ten years ago to #81 on the Social Security Administration's list of Most Popular baby Names in the U.S. Jaxon appeals to parents looking for a style that twists the traditional.  The "X" in the name's middle, certainly provides that modern flair. Other variations include Jaxson and Jaxyn. 

We wrote extensively about the name Creed back in 2009.  http://www.babynamewizard.com/baby-name/boy/creed " target="_blank">Creed has yet to crack the top 1000, however based on the sibling name clouds in Namipedia, we're starting to think that Creed has the making of a potential new style cowboy name hit.  It's a meaningful word name meaning belief with a bad-boy rock-and-roll heritage from the band Creed.  The presence of Creed, the character played by the actor Creed Bratton on the Office makes the word feel more acceptable as a name. 

How do you feel about the name Creed?  As for Jaxon, what's your favorite variation?



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