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Georgina Bloomberg Welcomes a Son

Georgina Bloomberg Welcomes a Son

New York City residents have a new first family, but outgoing mayor Michael Bloomberg ended his term with some happy personal news. CBS News reports that the Bloomberg’s younger daughter Georgina had a son the day before Christmas. Georgina Bloomberg is an equestrian and a novelist and she and her long-time boyfriend fellow equestrian Ramiro Quintana welcomed a boy on December 24th. The new baby is named Jasper Michael Brown Quintana.

It appears the middle names are a tribute to the mayor and Georgina’s mother, Susan Brown. The mayor said that he did not expect the child would be named after him, so he may have been surprised to have his name included among the middles.

 Jasper is trendy but not quite popular—it hasn’t been in the top 200 names in over a century. Near its peak in 1900, Jasper was just about tied with Abraham, Bob, and Roscoe.  It was most recently used by a celeb back in 2009 when country star Brad Paisley named his second son Jasper Warren.  It’s also an interesting choice for a Christmas Eve baby since Jasper is said to be a traditional name for one of the three Magi, and perhaps even moreso because the Bloomberg sisters were raised Jewish.

On a more pop-cultural note, Jasper has been noted a few times because of the Twilight series, but even as that crop of vampires has faded a bit, the name seems to be going strong. Jasper Johns, the American painter, or even the quartz-derived stone could also have inspired the parents.

What do you think of the name Jasper? Do the three wise men, vampires, or red rock come to mind with this name?



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January 8, 2014 11:04 AM
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January 9, 2014 12:23 AM
By James Landers Tampa (not verified)

New York residents have a new family memeber.The outgoing mayor have wished a great welcome to the new child.

January 9, 2014 2:10 PM
By melia mebel (not verified)

thanks for the info

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