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The Newest Celebrity Baby Harper Arrives!

The Newest Celebrity Baby Harper Arrives!
Photo Credit: Barash Family

General Hospital star Kirsten Storms and her husband, actor Brandon Barash welcomed the latest celebrity baby Harper to the world with the birth of their daughter, Harper Rose Barash, on January 7th, 2014.

We here at NameCandy adore Harper for it's trendy sound and literary connections.  As it turns out, lots of celebrities adore the name, too!  There are 13 celebrity children with Harper in their name in NameCandy's searchable database.

There is of course, Harper Seven, daughter of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, but there are lots of other daughters (and even a couple of sons) of celebrities with the name, including:

Harper Grace Burtka-Harris, daughter of actor Neil Patrick Harris

Harper Vivienne Ann Lockwood, daughter of musician and Elvis' daughter, Lisa Marie Presley

Harper Hader, daughter of SNL actor Bill Hader

Harper Rhimes, daughter of Grey's Anatomy/Scandal creator Shonda Rhimes

and the oldest Harper in the celebrity baby names database, Harper James Simon, son of musician Paul Simon.

Interestingly enough, all but three of the celebrity children with the name Harper were born since 2008.  A quick search of the Baby Name Voyager shows that Harper has been on a fast rise since around 2006, meaning that even though celebrities are often viewed as name "trendsetters", these celebrities followed right along with the trends in the rest of America!

What is your favorite first and middle name combination among the celebrity baby Harpers?  Are there any celebrity sibling combinations with Harper that you adore? Is Harper a common name in your area?



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