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What Name Is In This Baby’s Future?

What Name Is In This Baby’s Future?
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R&B singer Ciara Harris announced that she is expecting her first child with fiancé, rapper Future, on The View this past January.  Future surprised Ciara with a proposal last August finally “putting a ring on it” after an almost ten year courtship.  The two consummated their undying love for another by getting the others initial tattooed on their ring fingers.  

Ciara made more recent headlines after releasing a sequence of “selfies” on her instagram illuminating the radiant mother-to-be’s baby bump.  Ciara is beyond excited for her baby and wants the world to know.  This is Future’s fourth child and although he’s had some child support issues in the past, the couple is ecstatic to start a family.

The question on everyone’s mind isn’t just her due date, but what will this unborn child be called?  With a father named Future, real name Nayvadius, and a mother named Ciara Princess; chances are a traditional name just won’t suffice.  

The name Ciara originates from Irish and Gaelic roots, meaning “dark hair and brown-eyed girl.”  The name became popular in Ireland during the early 2000’s with the pronunciation Kee-ra.  A rarity in the states, Ciara is usually seen as Sierra, which means “mountain” and hit it’s peak in the 1990’s.  However, the spelling of Ciara was only really recognized after Ciara Harris’s success. Nayvadius is extremely rare with no record of its origins or roots.   

In more recent years celebrities have taken children’s names to another level.  From foods to countries, cardinal directions and exceptional creativity, the name game for celebrities has become quite the trend.  After Kanye and Kim’s North West, there’s no telling what name celebrities may choice.  

So what’s this “Bonnie and Clyde” as they refer to themselves, going to name this child?  Maybe something with a musical theme or with strong roots and origins, definitely something that stands out and makes a statement.  While being in the public eye, branding yourself comes with the territory and in the same fashion of keeping tradition with family names like second and thirds, celebrities use this same concept with innovation and a creative twist.  

While awaiting the arrival of this musical offspring, let’s hear your opinions in this “Baby Name Guessing Game.”  Send in your top choices, comments, predictions and suggestions on what this unborn baby name will be.  Who knows maybe they’ll name their baby after you?



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