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Does Jayceon Owe Fastest-Growing Name Status To The Game?

Does Jayceon Owe Fastest-Growing Name Status To The Game?
Jayceon "The Game" Taylor and family, courtesy VH1

Once upon a time, there were parents naming their sons Jayceon as a nontraditional spin on Jason, that old Argonaut of Ancient Greece. Today, we've learned that Jayceon is officially the fastest-rising name in the U.S., going from #1,017 in 2012 to #206 in 2013, according to the latest info released by the Social Security Administration. And we wonder if the Greek is still the famous person inspiring parents --- or someone a little closer to home?

Jayceon Taylor, better known to some as rapper The Game, could certainly be behind the rise in the name. VH1's Marrying the Game just began its third season this week, and we'd be lying if we said Game's three adorable kids (King Justice, Harlem and Cali Dream) didn't make us ponder popping out one or two more of our own. The Compton artist and actor pronounces his name Jay-SEE-on, not like the regular old Jason. (Sadly, the conflict between Game and ex-fiancee Tiffney Cambridge seems to have escalated beyond what the TV cameras have shown. Parents to 2013's batch of Jayceons, please ignore this news.)

As Baby Name Wizard's Laura Wattenberg points out, there is also another rapper named simply Jayceon, but his up-and-coming status doesn't seem quite big enough to make him the name behind the name.

Jase, the second-fastest riser (#270 to #89), could be attributed to Duck Dynasty's Jase Robertson. On the other hand, since Jace also went up from #86 to #66, we could also point to the hero of the wildly popular young adult novels, The Mortal Instruments, which hit the big screen last August.

Of course, considering the fast-rising status of all the other alternate spellings of Jason last year (including Jase), this could have nothing to do with any hip-hop stars. Maybe it's just because Jayceon is the most phonetic choice, and all of the above are a move away from Jacob (#3), Jayden (#9) and Jackson (#16), those uberpopular names of late. Funny enough, Jason dropped a bit from 76 to 79. Did it lose ground to all that creativity?

- S.R.W.


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May 13, 2014 8:12 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

I have never heard of this person before I saw this post.

Even after reading the article I still don't know who he is.

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