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Ciara And Future Turn Rap Name Into A Legacy

Ciara And Future Turn Rap Name Into A Legacy
Photo Credit: Ciara's Instagram

Singer Ciara and her rapper fiance Future welcomed their son on Monday, May 19, and announced his name to fans today via Instagram: Future Jr! Actually, Future Zahir Wilburn, who weighed a healthy 9 lb. 10 oz.

This is an interesting case of a rapper turning his stage name into a legacy. Born Nayvadius D. Wilburn, the musician and now father of four (this is Ciara's first) explained to MTV in 2012 how he got his meaningful moniker from a fellow member of the enormously influential Atlanta hip-hop collective the Dungeon Family (think Outkast, Goodie Mob):

"My dog G-Rock used to tell me, 'You the future, you the future. You're young, you got energy, you're ambitious.' ... It really didn't stick then, but after a while it caught on. It made sense and I started going by Future about seven years ago."

Future also falls into the category of inspirational names, along the lines of trendier girls' names Journey (current rank 334), Miracle (431) and Destiny (137), but with a much more active ring to it.

Zahir is the Arabic word for "helper, supporter." We also imagine it gives the little guy another name option, should he decide to become an artist in his own right one day. Will he opt to drop his last name just like his parents?


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