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Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin's Son's Name Revealed

Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin's Son's Name Revealed
Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

The wait is finally over!  After the couple announced the birth of their son on May 29, 2014, birth certificate records confirmed that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas named their son Oliver Finlay Dallas.

Ginnifer Goodwin revealed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that the couple had put in tons of time poring over name books and running through possible complications that might come up when naming a child with the last name of Dallas.  Anything starting with the letter D was out, lest someone make the comparison to Debbie Does Dallas, as well as common place names, which Goodwin felt might create an "airport name", or first names that were decidedly "Texas" sounding.  Goodwin specifically called out the combination of Austin Dallas as being off limits.

The name Oliver definitely fits all of the criteria the couple put forth in their naming debate.  While Oliver is a small town in Canada, it certainly isn't known as a place name like Austin or Dallas might be.  Oliver is a name that's rising in popularity, ranking 52nd in 2013.  It's a name that is well-known, but not mega-popular, and works well with the last name of Dallas.  Clearly the research that Goodwin and Dallas did before their baby's arrival paid off!

What do you think of the name Oliver? Are there other names that you think would go well with the last name of Dallas?



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