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Kelly Clarkson Welcomes a Daughter!

Kelly Clarkson Welcomes a Daughter!
Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

Kelly Clarkson is finally a mom!  Kelly and her husband, Brandon Blackstock, announced the birth of her daughter, River Rose Blackstock, born on June 12th, via Twitter. While River Rose is Kelly's first, her husband has two other children, Seth and Savannah, from a previous relationship.

When Kelly Clarkson was interviewed earlier in her pregnancy by Ellen, she revealed that they had the same name picked out no matter if their baby was a boy or a girl, and that it would be a name people wouldn't guess, but wouldn't be "weird".  The name River fits the bill on all accounts.  While River has been rising in popularity for boys for many years (in 2013 it was the 372nd most popular name), it's also had a surge on the girl's name charts, rising from 962 in 2009 to being the 588th most popular name in 2013.  While River isn't a traditional name, it's certainly one that most people have heard of, undoubtably due to celebrity River Phoenix, as well as a surge of celebrity babies born with the name River in recent years.

So far the name River is among a handful of names that has continued to rise in popularity for both genders. We often see that as a name becomes more popular among one gender, it tends to fall in popularity in the other gender.  This is particularly true if a name that started out as a male name begins to rise in popularity among females.  The name Addison is a great example of this.  It will be interesting to see if the name River continues to rise in popularity for both genders and remains a truly androgynous name.

What do you think of the name River? Do you prefer the name for a boy or for a girl?  Are there other names that you can think of that are equally popular among both genders?



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