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Justin Moore Gives Third Little Lady A "Small" Name

Justin Moore Gives Third Little Lady A "Small" Name
Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

After naming his first two daughters Ella Kole and Kennedy Faye, country star Justin Moore and wife Kate were bound to pick another trendy name for their third, weren't they? That's why we're surprised they picked Rebecca for their new little one, born on Monday, July 14.

But, wait! They actually did go with something less typical: Rebecca is named after her paternal great-grandmother, but her parents plan on calling her by her middle name, Klein, according to People. Her big sisters also have family origins in their names --- Kole is from Justin's middle name Cole, and Faye is from Justin's other grandma, Faynette.

Rebecca, as you can probably tell by the women you know by that name, reached its peak in the 1970s, when it was the 13th most popular name. It's been on the decline ever since, and was #178 in 2013. The Biblical name is derived from the Hebrew word for "noose."

Klein is typically a German, Dutch or Ashkenazi Jewish last name that means "small." With a dad who once sang "I Could Kick Your Ass," we hope no one ever makes the mistake of picking on little Klein for her name or her size!

What do you think of the name Klein for a little girl?



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July 22, 2014 2:15 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

I love the name Klein - very cute, and I think it goes well with the other girls' names.

Just a note to the author - the image shown with this article is not Justin Moore, it is Dustin Lynch. Just a friendly heads up :)

July 29, 2014 5:04 PM
By shelby (not verified)

..Very lovely names. I named my daughters " different' names....back in the 80's , which was a while before it became popular to NOT name your child .." Ashley" or " Jennifer' or
" Brittany" ..as lovely as those names are. I chose : Rora. Ryan. Dara.
All have ' feminine' middle names and they are always complimented on the distinct names they have and that does make a mother smile ...:)While I dont go in for a child named " Apple" , or " Blue"...Ohhhh Mercy. lol. ...I wanted to have my daughters have names not found in the mainstream everyday, so their names would be as unique and special as they are. :)

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