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Alyssa Milano Adds to the Bell Craze

Alyssa Milano Adds to the Bell Craze
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Alyssa Milano is now a mom of two!  Earlier this month, she, husband David Bugliari, and son Milo Thomas welcomed a baby girl to their family. While you won't find her daughter's name in the top 1,000 names, if you're like us you'll have to check that list twice because her name sounds like it has what it takes to be a rising star of a name!

Alyssa chose the name Elizabella Dylan Bugliari for her new daughter's name.  By mixing the classic beginning of Elizabeth with the ultra-trendy sounding Bella, Alyssa Milano has given her daughter a name that is certainly timely.  Earlier this year Baby Name Wizard founder Laura Wattenberg wrote about the "bell" craze, listing 146 names using "bell" as part of the name given to at least five U.S. babies in 2013. It's an impressive list, and you can bet that Elizabella is on it.  

In fact, back in 2012 Laura Wattenberg pointed out that combo names were back in a big way, and Bella was a name that seemed perfect to combine with other names.  While we've seen names like Annabella and Arabella climb solidly into the top 1,000 names, Elizabella hasn't seen the same climb.  We can't wait to see if Alyssa Milano's influence is enough to finally usher Elizabella into the top 1,000 names.

What do you think of the name Elizabella, does it have the potential to rise in popularity?  What is your favorite "bell" name?



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September 30, 2014 7:25 PM
By Allison Wella (not verified)

It's really pretty. I'm not usually a fan of name smushes, but this works wonderfully!

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