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Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Drew Welcomes a Girl!

Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Drew Welcomes a Girl!
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Another Grey's Anatomy cast member has welcomed a baby!  This time, Sarah Drew (better known to Grey's Anatomy fans as Dr. Kepner) and her husband Peter Lanfer welcomed their second child on December 3rd.  While Grey's Anatomy and other Shondaland hit shows have been the source of trendsetting names (both on-set and off-set!), Sarah Drew and her husband chose a popular, mainstream name that has a classical feel to it.

The newest addtion, named Hannah Mali Rose Lanfer, joins big brother Micah Emmanuel, creating a sibling set of names with decidedly biblical connections.  Even Hannah's middle name, Mali, while not directly a biblical name, is a popular name and nickname in Hebrew.  While using biblical names is not uncommon, Baby Name Wizard's Laura Wattenberg points out that use of biblical names is actually at an all-time low. 

Of course, names like Hannah, which was the 23rd most popular girls name in 2013, are commonly used by parents both looking for a biblical name and parents who just like the name Hannah.  Interestingly enough, the name Hannah has been on a decline since it's peak at the #2 spot in the year 2000.  But, as Laura Wattenberg points out, sometimes it's less about the biblical connection, and more about the look and feel of a name.

While Sarah Drew and her husband may have chosen a more mainstream name, their addition of Hannah to the list of Shondaland names (which includes co-star and on-air husband Jesse Williams' newest addition, Sadie as well as Scandal star Kerry Washington's daughter Isabelle).  Don't believe us that shows like Grey's Anatomy keep producing great baby names?  Check out these blog posts involving Grey's Anatomy stars for some inspiration.

What's your favorite Grey's Anatomy inspired name?  Do you share a naming style with Sarah Drew?



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January 7, 2015 2:32 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

Very pretty name. Had no idea this show was still on.

April 23, 2015 11:40 AM
By Anonymous (not verified)

so weird because that's the name I associate with Sarah Drew the most. Her character's name was Hannah on Everwood, which is where I first saw her acting, so that's how I always see her. Interesting.

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