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Corey & Miranda Simms Welcome Their Baby Girl

Teen Mom Corey and Miranda Simms Baby

It's official: Corey Simms is now the father of three beautiful girls! On Sunday, Miranda gave birth to a baby girl, and the family is already sharing proud photos of their latest addition. 

The news came by way of a birth announcement posted by Corey's dad, Jeff, on Facebook.  And her name? Remington Monroe Simms. 

And on a post on Instagram, Jeff added that while Remi did arrive a bit early, mama and baby are doing great.

And although Ali and Aleeah are already big sisters to mom Leah Messer's daughter Adalynn, we're sure they're excited to have the experience all over again. Now that the girls are living with Corey and Miranda full-time, they're probably going to have their hands full. The upside? We're hoping to get some precious social media posts of the family all together.

Congrats, Corey and Miranda! We can't wait to see more pics of your gorgeous baby girl. 

Image via coreysimms20/Instagram

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