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Corey Simms's Baby Name Was Inspired by an Ex-Girlfriend

Teen Mom Corey Simms' baby name

When we first heard that Corey Simms and his wife, Miranda, decided to name their new baby Remington, we thought it was adorable. It's unusual, and her nickname, Remi, is so precious. But could the inspiration behind the name have come from somewhere shady? Get this: Corey got the idea for his baby's name from an ex-girlfriend.

As RadarOnline has pointed out, Corey's ex, Amber Scaggs O'Brien, has a daughter named Remington, and her family even uses the same nickname. Um, sketchy?

We don't see how this could be a coincidence. It'd be one thing if this baby was named Jennifer or something super common, but Remington is a pretty unique name. What's the deal? 

And if that wasn't enough proof for you, a friend of Corey's says that Corey and Amber were Facebook friends, so he would have been inundated with posts about her baby -- at least, enough of them to know what her name is. Yikes! 

But wait. It gets worse. Apparently, this fact has been pointed out to Miranda, and the source says she's "not happy" about it. If we know anything by now, it's not to mess with Miranda. We have a feeling Corey's crusin' for a bruisin' at this point. 

Either way, Remi is still a really cute name, no matter where it comes from. 

Image via coreysimms20/Instagram 

Originally on The Stir


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