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Kim Kardashian Gives New Details on Her Baby Boy's Name

Kim Kardashian baby boy name

When North West was born, we waited around with bated breath wondering when her famous parents would announce her name. This time around, Kim Kardashian is talking baby boy names ... but that doesn't mean she has one yet.

Kim told E! News that she and hubby Kanye West have only just begun throwing around names for their impending bundle of joy, and they haven't come up with the right moniker just yet.

The reality star also admitted that deciding on the right name for North was really hard for them, but they did it, so she's sure they'll figure it out again this time around.

When it was first announced that Kim was pregnant with her second child, everyone and their brother jumped on the bandwagon to name the kiddo South West, which she promptly refuted. The name Easton was also put out there, but reportedly Kanye isn't into it.

There's zero doubt in our mind that these two will come up with something totally unique for their newborn son, and that they'll probably make us wait a while until we find out what it is. With Kim's December due date finally drawing close, at least we won't have to wait too much longer.

And, hey, in a pinch they can always open it up to a Twitter poll. Nothing says Kardashian like getting social media involved.

Image via All Access Photo/Splash News

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