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GMA Meteorologist Ginger Zee Welcomes Adorable Baby Boy

ginger zee baby name

Congratulations to Good Morning America chief meteorologist Ginger Zee and her husband Ben Aaron, who welcomed their brand-new baby boy on Sunday, December 20! This is the couple's first child, not to mention the best Christmas present they could have hoped for. And just wait until you hear his name!

Nothing too trendy or obscure for this new mom and dad: Instead, Zee and Aaron went with the traditional (slightly romantic) route: Adrian Benjamin. Awww! Naturally, the baby is just as gorgeous as you'd expect with a name like that!

Adrian's timing was perfect, too, as Zee just started her maternity leave two days before he was born. Now all Zee, Aaron, and their gorgeous boy have to do is relax and enjoy their very first holiday as a family. I'm guessing Zee could use a rest, too -- it couldn't have been easy keeping the country updated on this crazy weather just days before she gave birth!

Image via Fortunata/Splash News

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