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Anne Hathaway's Baby Name Choice Is Anything but #Basic

Anne Hathaway's baby name

He's here, he's here! Scratch that: He's been here, he's been here! In case you didn't get the memo, Anne Hathaway and husband Adam Shulman welcomed their first child on March 24 (I know, we're late to the party -- but Mom didn't spill the beans until now) -- a baby boy! And while many think the new bundle has a "normal" name, as it turns out, Anne Hathaway's son has a special name that's anything but #basic.

Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman. (It's cute, right? Kinda stately.)

Sure, you might not see anything super fancy about Anne and Adam's name choice, but for Mom and Dad, it hits home -- and is a sweet nod to the love they have for their family.

"Rosebanks" pays homage to both Anne's paternal granddad (his name was Roseline) as well as Adam's mother (her maiden name was Banks). And, if that's not extra special, Adam's middle name just so happens to be ... Banks.

So there ya have it: Rosebanks.

Don't you just love hearing about how people decided on their children's names? Sometimes it's as easy as picking one out of the hat, but stories like this warm the heart. That little Jonathan is going to carry a piece of his family with him forever. (Technically he would anyway, but you get the idea.) In theory, he'll be able to take his dad and grandparents wherever he goes.


I think it's really sweet.

Image via JMA/SMX/Splash News

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