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Tess Holliday's Beautiful New Baby Has a Rock & Roll Name

Tess Holliday welcomes 2nd baby

Congratulations to this growing family! Model Tess Holliday gave birth to a baby boy Monday and his name is a lovely tribute to a rock god we lost far too soon. It's a big one to live up to, but we think this adorable little dude can handle it.

Bowie Juniper Holliday weighed in at 8 lbs., 10 oz., and measured 22 inches long, and clearly his parents are already quite smitten with him. Prepare for utter cuteness! Proud papa Nick Holliday, Tess's fiancé, shared a pic of the little lad, who is the first child the couple has together.

You figured these parents weren't going to name their baby "Bob" or "Steve," so Bowie seems like an awesome way to honor rock icon David Bowie, who died in January at the age of 69. Someone get a guitar in this baby's hands, stat!

Mom to 10-year-old son Rylee, Holliday, 30, told People a lot has changed in the last decade so she'll have to brush up on baby gadgets and breastfeeding techniques. Don't worry, Tess, something tells us you'll be perfect.

Another thing that's different this go-round, Holliday says, is that she has the love and support of a partner. We're so happy for her and we look forward to seeing more pics of baby Bowie as he grows! 

Image via Simon Earl / Splash News

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