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'Parenthood' Star Erika Christensen Shares First Peek at Her Baby Girl (With a Super Cute Name!)

Erika Christensen baby name

Welcome to Parenthood! After keeping news she was expecting on the DL for practically the majority of her pregnancy, actress Erika Christensen recently had a baby girl, and gave her the most perfect name.

The 33-year-old star and her cyclist hubby, Cole Maness, welcomed their sweet little daughter a week ago. And, of course, Erika gave us the first look at baby girl on the 'Gram -- along with a baby name reveal!

Everyone, say hi to Shane!

What an awesome baby name.

This photo of Erika and Shane perfectly sums up the feels a mother has once she begins her journey into parenthood. No matter the lack of sleep, or anything else that comes with postpartum life, there's no denying the bond you have with your baby that makes everything so perfect.

Congrats, Erika. May you and Shane have many more moments of hugs and kisses.

(Y'all already know how I get about people having babies -- so you know I'm doing a little happy dance over here.)

Image via Nate Beckett / Splash News

Originally on The Stir


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