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Chelsea DeBoer Talks Baby Names, Costar Drama & How 'Teen Mom 2' Is Changing

Chelsea Houska DeBoer baby name

It wouldn't be the Teen Mom universe if there wasn't a lot of buzzing going about, and there's been plenty of that lately -- what with a war of words going on between several of the show's stars in the media and on the Internet, and a new season of Teen Mom 2 kicking off in January. So amid all that madness, where does that leave levelheaded fan-fave Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer? Well, we decided to ask her for ourselves. We chatted with Chels about everything from her feelings on the upcoming season to the joys and struggles of choosing a baby name.

With season 8 of Teen Mom 2 set to premiere on MTV on January 2, we wanted to get Chelsea's thoughts on what fans can expect -- and lucky for us, we're going to get something new when it comes to the 25-year-old's story line.

As Chels explained to us: "I personally love this season because it's finally not as focused on Adam crap; it's more focused on the other areas of my life." (Fans, of course, will know she is referring to Adam Lind -- father to Chelsea's 7-year-old daughter, Aubree.) Chels continued: "It's been so focused on Adam stuff for so long, so it's like a big weight off my shoulders to finally be able to just talk about other things and show a different [part] of my life."

Chelsea's infectious happiness is evident for anyone who has watched the trailer for the upcoming season. It's particularly heartwarming as we've watched her grow from an unsure teen on 16 and Pregnant to a glowing, confident, fun mom of a bright, beautiful little girl -- and we've watched her struggle with Aubree's father, only to eventually meet her current husband (and IRL Prince Charming) Cole DeBoer. 

And as for the new baby set to arrive in February? Well, turns our she and Cole have been on the same page when it comes to a moniker. "We've had a baby name picked out for a long time," she tells us. "There was one Cole really, really liked and I like it too, so it was actually a lot easier than I thought it was gonna be." The only downside? Telling Aubree: "That was a bad decision, because she's telling everybody!"

And speaking of Aubree -- Chelsea had nothing but gushing words when talking about her mini-me: "Her personality is so funny. She's really smart and just cool; she's really understanding with everything. She's just awesome."

But one thing that elicits a little less gushing? The drama going on in the Teen Mom world right now. As fans will recall, there was a recent brawl on the Teen Mom OG reunion between Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood; since then, Farrah has been commenting quite a bit about the show's ladies to the media and over the Internet. Among others, Kailyn Lowry -- costar and good pal to Chels -- has thrown her hat in the ring, firing back at Farrah's comments. (And Farrah has clapped back herself.) But what does our gal Chelsea have to say?

"I try to keep my distance. I don't do well with drama so I just kind of stay out of it."

All we can really say is this: Is there any doubt Chelsea's a fan favorite?

Image: chelseahouska/Instagram

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