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Ellen Pompeo Posts Adorable Pic of New Baby Boy & Shares His Stately Name

'Grey's Anatomy' star Ellen Pompeo baby name

Paging Dr. Meredith Grey. We're sending all the virtual celebratory vibes we can to one of our favorite Grey's Anatomy stars, as Ellen Pompeo and her husband have welcomed their third child. The couple are now proud parents to a baby boy (he came via surrogate) who will join sisters Stella, 7, and Sienna, 2.

In proud mom fashion, Ellen took to Instagram to share this photo of her husband, Chris Ivery, and reveal baby's name.

How freaking cute does little Eli Christopher look with Dad?!

What a precious baby and a sweet choice for a name -- I can dig it.

Eli looks like such a sweet baby who is likely being showered with so much love and affection at this very moment. I'm so happy for Ellen and her family that has now grown to a party of five.

Congrats again!

Image: @ParisaMichelle/ Splash

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