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Pink Welcomes Her Second Child With a Cool & Classic Name

Pink and Carey Hart baby name
Congratulations are in order as this rock star and her hubby are now parents of two. Pink and Carey Hart welcomed their second child -- a boy -- and his name is gorgeous and pairs perfectly with his big sister Willow's. 

Look at these sweet pics of the proud mom and dad with their new bundle of joy -- Jameson Moon Hart. Those cheeks! He's so precious!

Jameson is such a cool name (especially if you're a fan of the Irish whiskey that bears the same name) and it lends itself to so many potential nicknames.

According to Baby Name Wizard, Jameson, which comes from the English surname meaning "Jamie's son," peaked in popularity in 2012. Moon is such an interesting middle name, too. We can only imagine that the parents are "over the moon" about their new arrival.

The "Raise Your Glass" singer seemed to really enjoy her pregnancy and shared photos of her growing baby bump heading right up to delivery.

The 37-year-old rocker recently gushed about what an amazing father the professional motocross racer has been to their 5-year-old daughter. He looks completely comfortable and so happy holding his son. And look at Pink's sweet caption: "I love my baby daddy." 

He's even gotten their little girl interested in motocross. How cool is that? And what a unique father-daughter bonding experience.

No doubt Pink and Carey will have tons of help from big sister Willow, who has been practicing for her role. Check out this adorable photo Pink shared of her daughter prepping for her baby bro.

You can't ask for a more helpful sibling! We wish this growing family all the best and look forward to more family photos soon! 

Image: C. Steffens/Press Line/Splash

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