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Results: 22 celebrity babies named Charles

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Charles Spencer Crowe

Charles Spencer Crowe >

Charles Hall

Charles Hall >

Charles James Harper

Charles James Harper >

Charles Archibald Laurie

Charles Archibald Laurie >

Charles Malcolm McDowell

Charles Malcolm McDowell >

Charles Ezekiel Mozes

Charles Ezekiel Mozes >

Charles McHugh O'Donnell

Charles McHugh O'Donnell >

Charles Augustus Robison

Charles Augustus Robison >

Charles Rogers

Charles Rogers >

Oliver Charles Allman

Oliver Charles Allman >

Livia Charles Basche

Livia Charles Basche >

Michael Charles Gosselaar

Michael Charles Gosselaar >

Agnes Charles Guggenheim

Agnes Charles Guggenheim >

Donavan Charles Hardy

Donavan Charles Hardy >

Joseph Charles Hunt

Joseph Charles Hunt >

Damian Charles Hurley

Damian Charles Hurley >

Carsten Charles Sabathia III

Carsten Charles Sabathia III >

Christian Charles Sampras

Christian Charles Sampras >

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley

Jeffrey Charles Tarpley >

Thomas Charles Walsh

Thomas Charles Walsh >

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