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Results: 16 celebrity babies named Edward

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Edward Yates Brunt

Edward Yates Brunt >

Edward Gibson

Edward Gibson >

Edward Roy McHale

Edward Roy McHale >

Edward Duke Rancic

Edward Duke Rancic >

Enzo Edward Allen

Enzo Edward Allen >

Maxwell Edward Armstrong

Maxwell Edward Armstrong >

Riley Edward Donoho

Riley Edward Donoho >

Dekker Edward Gosselaar

Dekker Edward Gosselaar >

Matthew Edward Lowe

Matthew Edward Lowe >

Lydon Edward McGrath

Lydon Edward McGrath >

Rhys Edward McIntyre

Rhys Edward McIntyre >

Beckett Edward Packham

Beckett Edward Packham >

McGreggor Edward Roberts

McGreggor Edward Roberts >

Benjamin Edward Sanaov

Benjamin Edward Sanaov >

Harper Edward Weyman

Harper Edward Weyman >

Christopher Edward Wilding

Christopher Edward Wilding >

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