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Results: 17 celebrity babies named Elizabeth

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Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth Allen >

Elizabeth Louise Astin

Elizabeth Louise Astin >

Elizabeth Hilfiger

Elizabeth Hilfiger >

Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger

Elizabeth Scarlett Jagger >

Elizabeth Frances Todd

Elizabeth Frances Todd >

Domenica Elizabeth Cameron-Scorsese

Domenica Elizabeth Cameron-Scorsese >

Maggie Elizabeth Hill

Maggie Elizabeth Hill >

Clover Elizabeth McDonough

Clover Elizabeth McDonough >

Avery Elizabeth McGraw

Avery Elizabeth McGraw >

Madison Elizabeth McMahon

Madison Elizabeth McMahon >

Ryan Elizabeth Peete

Ryan Elizabeth Peete >

Ava Elizabeth Phillippe

Ava Elizabeth Phillippe >

Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay

Matilda Elizabeth Ramsay >

Ava Elizabeth Sambora

Ava Elizabeth Sambora >

Raine Elizabeth Sychak

Raine Elizabeth Sychak >

Mae Elizabeth Waterman

Mae Elizabeth Waterman >

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