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Results: 20 celebrity babies named Jane

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Jane Erin Carrey

Jane Erin Carrey >

  • Daughter of actor/comedian Jim Carrey
  • Born in 1987
Jane Kimmel

Jane Kimmel >

Jane Li

Jane Li >

  • Daughter of actor Jet Li
  • Born in 2000
  • Sister to Jada Li born in 2002
Evelyn Jane Bay

Evelyn Jane Bay >

Lucy Jane Bonin

Lucy Jane Bonin >

Lily Jane Collins

Lily Jane Collins >

Isabella Jane Cruise

Isabella Jane Cruise >

Keeva Jane Denisof

Keeva Jane Denisof >

Ellison Jane Fehr

Ellison Jane Fehr >

Isabelle Jane Grandalski

Isabelle Jane Grandalski >

Grace Jane Gummer

Grace Jane Gummer >

Olivia Jane Hanks

Olivia Jane Hanks >

Wilhelmina Jane Hanson

Wilhelmina Jane Hanson >

Clementine Jane Hawke

Clementine Jane Hawke >

London Jane McDonough

London Jane McDonough >

Hazel Jane Moody

Hazel Jane Moody >

Megan Jane Ramsay

Megan Jane Ramsay >

Lucy Jane Savant

Lucy Jane Savant >

Hannah Jane Shepard

Hannah Jane Shepard >

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