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Results: 53 celebrity babies named Rose

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Rose Dorothy Dauriac

Rose Dorothy Dauriac >

Rose McCormack Morris

Rose McCormack Morris >

Annabella Rose Alexakis

Annabella Rose Alexakis >

Olivia Rose Allen

Olivia Rose Allen >

Isabelle Rose Armstrong

Isabelle Rose Armstrong >

Harper Rose Barash

Harper Rose Barash >

Kaia Rose Biermann

Kaia Rose Biermann >

River Rose Blackstock

River Rose Blackstock >

Olivia Rose Cameron

Olivia Rose Cameron >

Maya Rose Chetry

Maya Rose Chetry >

London Rose Daly

London Rose Daly >

Devon Rose Damon

Devon Rose Damon >

Gemma Rose Davis

Gemma Rose Davis >

Maya Rose Estes

Maya Rose Estes >

Johnnie Rose Etheridge

Johnnie Rose Etheridge >

Winnie Rose Fallon

Winnie Rose Fallon >

Myla Rose Federer

Myla Rose Federer >

Isabella Rose Giannulli

Isabella Rose Giannulli >

Sara Rose Grandalski

Sara Rose Grandalski >

Emily Rose Head

Emily Rose Head >

India Rose Hemsworth

India Rose Hemsworth >

Alena Rose Jonas

Alena Rose Jonas >

Claudia Rose Kelley

Claudia Rose Kelley >

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban >

Maya Rose Knowles

Maya Rose Knowles >

Arabella Rose Kushner

Arabella Rose Kushner >

Lucky Rose Kyles

Lucky Rose Kyles >

Chloe Rose Lattanzi

Chloe Rose Lattanzi >

Amber Rose LeBon

Amber Rose LeBon >

Matilda Rose Ledger

Matilda Rose Ledger >

Lyla Rose Loeb Hershkovitz

Lyla Rose Loeb Hershkovitz >

Laila Rose Lynche

Laila Rose Lynche >

Carina Rose Mariano

Carina Rose Mariano >

Isabetta Rose Mariano

Isabetta Rose Mariano >

Adelina Rose Mariano

Adelina Rose Mariano >

Lucia Rose Mariano

Lucia Rose Mariano >

Charlotte Rose McDermott

Charlotte Rose McDermott >

Esther Rose McGregor

Esther Rose McGregor >

May Rose Nivola

May Rose Nivola >

Vivienne Rose O'Donnell

Vivienne Rose O'Donnell >

Willow Rose Owen

Willow Rose Owen >

Olivia Rose Pacino

Olivia Rose Pacino >

Lola Rose Sheen

Lola Rose Sheen >

Scarlet Rose Stallone

Scarlet Rose Stallone >

Sistine Rose Stallone

Sistine Rose Stallone >

Sophia Rose Stallone

Sophia Rose Stallone >

Maggie Rose Stewart

Maggie Rose Stewart >

Adelaide Rose Taylor

Adelaide Rose Taylor >

Emerson Rose Tenney

Emerson Rose Tenney >

Naiia Rose Ulrich

Naiia Rose Ulrich >

Sebella Rose Winter

Sebella Rose Winter >

Catherine Rose Young

Catherine Rose Young >

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