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Babies named Abcde?

Someone I know just named her baby girl "Abcde." What do you think of that??? - Julie

Someone you know? Not just someone you heard about? I'm just asking because reports of babies named Abcde outpace real Abcde's by a mile.

That said, this name is not just an urban legend. There are some real Abcde's out there, ranging from babies to young adults. The name is pronounced AB-si-dee, and it seems to be exclusively female. You'll find Abcde's most often in Latino families and in creative-naming outposts like Hawaii and New Mexico.

You can think of Abcde as an extreme version of Nevaeh (heaven backwards, pronounced neh-VAY-uh). It features the same element of wordplay, though without the religious aspect, and it seems to appeal to some of the same parents. Unlike Nevaeh, though, the name has a fatal flaw. No, I'm not talking about the lack of vowels or the fact that the name regularly makes "worst baby name" lists. That's just a matter of taste. Abcde has a concrete, practical problem: It sounds fake.

For every real live girl named Abcde there are dozens using the name as a placeholder or a pseudonym. At presstime, Facebook listed 861 members named Abcde, including Abcde Fghijk, Lmnop Abcde, and Abcde Edcba.

Get the picture?

For a glimpse at the potential problems faced by an Abcde Smith, talk to any John Doe. Yes, there are real men with that name, and they endure endless hassles. The New York Times recently reported on one Mr. Doe's struggles with skeptical landlords, airport security agents and even prospective dates. An Abcde might not face that level of trouble, but it's still a burden other names don't bear.

If you're drawn to wordplay, I'd say stick to the anagrams. Traeh, anyone?


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September 28, 2009 1:06 PM
By Jim (not verified)

Traeh: an anagram of Hater?

September 28, 2009 6:19 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

Heart, it's an anagram of Heart!

September 30, 2009 10:54 AM
By Anonymous (not verified)

I'd love to see you talk about other urban legend type names, like Shithead. Sure there has to be a few out there, but does everyone and their mother REALLY know one, or know of someone who taught one, etc?

October 4, 2009 9:53 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

A relative of mine was friends with a boy named Brian Brien Bryan. We thought he was making it up, but it was this kid's real name!

October 16, 2009 8:49 AM
By Ruby (not verified)

Laura Wattenberg of Baby Name Wizard actually convers urban legend names. It starts here: It's quite revealing about names like Shithead and such.

October 29, 2009 3:59 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

I've heard of a girl name Female, because on her paper work at the hospital they didn't have a name yet, so it read Female 'Smith' or whatever. So the parents went with it. But they pronounce it Fa-mall-ee.

November 12, 2009 12:35 AM
By Anonymous (not verified)

k so ive heard of a girl named
pronounced ladasha
cool huh?

December 2, 2009 12:54 AM
By Anonymous (not verified)

So if the baby were a boy, they would've named him mall-ee. That's crazy. That's like saying if an aunt were to name the baby and it were a girl it would be duh-niece and if it were a boy duh-nephew.

December 28, 2009 4:54 PM
By Marie (not verified)

Yes, I knew a Shithead. (Shu-theed) Not an urban legend. Her family were indian and emigrated here with very limited english.

January 28, 2010 11:03 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

My son has an Abcde in his class- I didn't believe it at first. ugh.

February 8, 2010 2:22 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

My son has one in his class as well. She's very sweet and comes from a perfectly normal family.

April 28, 2010 9:33 PM
By halibut fishing (not verified)

Your article give me more inspriration to do that... thanks for sharing... Keep posting article like that.

June 16, 2010 2:14 PM
By Ainsley (not verified)

How would you pronounce the name "Abcde"?


June 20, 2010 3:11 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

No, it's "Heart" backwords.

June 22, 2010 3:06 AM
By alarm rumah anti maling (not verified)

thnx for sharing.. :)

June 23, 2010 9:26 AM
By Alli (not verified)

I've heard of an Abcdef (pronounced "Absidief" as a male name, but not Abcde.

June 23, 2010 10:10 PM
By Revitol Complete (not verified)

why AB-cad?

June 23, 2010 10:19 PM
By Revitol Skin Exfoliator (not verified)

thnx for sharing.

June 23, 2010 10:19 PM
By Revitol Skin Exfoliator (not verified)

thnx for sharing.

July 1, 2010 8:34 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

Abcde is pronounced Ab-Syd-ee, I've gone to school with about a dozen girls named Abcde and I've never once heard of them getting taunted with such a name. I heard a lot of kids envying them though.

July 7, 2010 6:24 AM
By אומגה 3 (not verified)

She's very sweet and comes from a perfectly normal family.

July 15, 2010 4:57 PM
By [IWBTH] (not verified)

Traeh=heart backwards.

July 24, 2010 1:56 AM
By IklanPercuma (not verified)

it's funny sound

January 27, 2011 7:51 PM
By Anonymous (not verified)

Met a girl named "Lettuce" pronounced La-tu-say. This is getting a it ridiculous, if you ask me.
Abcde is not a name I would envy, it's a name I would change as soon as I got old enough.

May 31, 2011 2:52 PM
By Kab (not verified)

I love the name Abcde. I've used it for a character in one of my books, but spelled it Absahdie. I love the pronounciation, but I could do without the hating, so I changed the spelling.

Abcde isn't nearly as bad as the parents who named their son Nosmo King - literally, after a 'No Smoking' sign. It gets alot worse - Na-a (Nadasha) anyone?

August 15, 2012 1:23 AM
By Anonymous (not verified)

When I say Abcd, it sounds like:
Which is like:
I said it to my mum, and she thought I said:

I've kinda gone off the name now!!!!

August 15, 2012 11:39 AM
By Anonymous (not verified)

No... heart backwards!!

December 3, 2012 3:45 PM
By Annette (not verified)

I think it's "Heart," but that does show the danger of anagrams. Heart could be come Hater ...

February 15, 2013 1:04 PM
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March 2, 2015 1:07 AM
By shauna abcde louise (not verified)

I was named Abcde ( by my dad ) in 1966, and I have always loved it. Many people I have met have also liked the sound (abb-ced-dee) my daughter and my brothers daughters also have Abcde as a middle name- kind of a family tradtion. (the 4 of us are Canadian)

August 25, 2015 11:03 AM
By jennacatlin (not verified)

abcde is a very peculiar name but i dont see any one naming their kid that now. :P they would not want to be hated for that.

October 20, 2016 5:21 AM
By never_to_return (not verified)

Before there was "heart".
Before there was "hater".
There was "earth".

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