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To P or Not to P (Is the Baby Name Question)

All of my kids' names start with P. Should I change it for this one?

–Princess P

As with everything else in baby-naming, there are no hard and fast rules about themes like this one. But there are some principles to consider, which might help you make a decision about your new baby's name.

Two is a coincidence, three is a theme: How many P names do you already have? If this new baby is number 4, 5, 6, or more, then you're pretty committed to that theme. You may want to stick with it, rather than making this new baby the odd one out. Then again, if you think you’ll have more children down the road, this could be your opportunity to make a switch.

There's a reason to our rhyme: Did you choose the older children's P names for a reason? Maybe your own name starts with P, or you wanted to honor another family member by using that initial. If so, you could stick with P to keep to this tradition you’ve established—or pivot to another initial that honors someone else. 

Rethink the theme: Maybe you're out of P names you like, but still want to link your kids' names together. Look for another theme or thread you can draw on to create a connection. For example, siblings named Paxton, Payton and Dawson sound like a cohesive set, as do Prince, Pharaoh, and Reign; they all share qualities beyond their first initial. 

This post at Baby Name Wizard looks at the Gaines family (of "Fixer Upper" fame) as they confront the to-theme-or-not-to-theme issue.  It may help you sort through your feelings, too, as you pick the perfect name for your new prince or princess.


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